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Event Director, Alejandra Campos, calls on businesses to get in touch

Alejandra Campos, Event Director for Top Drawer, has released a statement asking businesses to get in touch as the team at Clarion events work on a series of initiatives for the future.

“The last few weeks have seen tremendous disruption in your businesses and home lives. Working in these unprecedented circumstances is not easy, and we want to support you,” says Alejandra. “My team and I are set up at home and putting together a series of initiatives, which aim to give you advice from a variety of experts, as well as allowing you to share your experiences. We hope this will open a dialogue which will help us all in shaping a stronger community, well prepared for the future to come.”

“In order to tailor the content of these initiatives and prioritise those that are most important to you, we urge you to share with us any questions, experiences or concerns via this link. Our commitment is to respond to them as best we can via our newsletters, webinars and social media channels.

“Your passion, creativity and resilience is an inspiration. We know that you are fighting tooth and nail to overcome this challenge. We want to thank you and reiterate that we are here to support you.”

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