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The Grey Earl celebrates BOJO in a new card collection

After three years of uncertainty, turmoil and splits wider than the English Channel, the politically fatigued nations of the United Kingdom needs something that will tether the divides and bring its people back together again.

Enter Boris Johnson, making a comeback not just in politics, but also in the world of greeting cards. The Prime Minister, is now the main feature of a new greetings card collection, designed by illustrator and satirist, The Grey Earl.

Utilising The Grey Earl’s distinctive humour and illustrative style, each design ‘celebrates’ Boris’ most famous moments and wraps them up in a neat greeting card format, along with a conservative blue coloured envelope (of course). It’s even received some wide attention after Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon shared one of the cards given to her for her recent birthday. The post was shared widely on Twitter and then received coverage in the press including features in The Daily Mail, Daily Record, The National, Edinburgh Live and The New European.

Illustrator Jon Bishop, aka The Grey Earl, fills us in on his reasons for creating the collection, “Having dealt with Donald Trump with my previous card range (‘Ask Donald’), it felt like the right time to bring it home and focus in on our very own blonde leader. Personally, I feel it is a range of cards that Britain needs right now. Whether you’re a fan of BOJO or not, the designs offer a much-needed bit of laughter for a politically fatigued nation.”

With political figures both sides of the pond garnering unprecedented attention for their exploits in and out of office, the BOJO and Ask Donald collections, offer card retailers and their customers some much-needed light relief, with appeal across the divisions of politics and society at large.

Both BOJO and the Ask Donald range of cards are now available in independent gift shops on the high street and online.

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