Greetings Today have a new website and a new format, so get involved.

It’s been a challenging year but the Greetings Today team are rolling with it and doing all that we can to help businesses get back to normal – or better!

We’ve changed the format of the magazine to a compact new size that is perfect for slipping under counters, in handbags or to leave pride of place on the coffee table. With the new size comes some competitive new rates, perfect for marketing budgets that are feeling the pinch of a challenging year.

Our new website is mobile-compatible and more user-friendly than ever before. We feature regular news updates from across the greeting card and stationery sectors including what’s happening with suppliers, retailers, exhibitions and more.

We’re working on our October/November issue now and there will be no fixed features, making it a great opportunity for all greeting card and gift companies to get involved. We want to help you to promote your current ranges, highlight your upcoming launches, company anniversary or just good old-fashioned brand awareness.

So, with Greetings Today now offering a more cost-effective platform to the highest readership across all trade publications within the sector, while retaining our generous editorial coverage, we hope you will agree that the changes we are making are for the better.

Give Simon Davis a call to discuss how we can be of assistance as we would love for you to be involved!

Tel: +44 (0)7525 201 391

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