US GCA Moves Headquarters

The US Greeting Card Association Establishes Headquarters in Metro Denver, Colorado.

The Greeting Card Association (GCA) has moved to the Denver area, and is implementing a new management model. The new model plans to combine the executive leadership of a proven non-profit changemaker and the operational expertise of an established association management company, to take the GCA into the next phase in its history with renewed energy and optimism.
Nora Weiser, CEO & Founder of Denver non-profit consultancy 12 Flavor, LLC, will join the organisation as its Executive Director. Weiser will focus on board-level transformation, governance, strategic planning, and fostering innovative new approaches to achieving GCA’s mission. Weiser previously served for ten years at the helm of the American Cheese Society, transforming the organisation to better serve its members while elevating the profile of American artisan cheeses. Under Weiser’s leadership, the organisation more than doubled its membership, revenues, and annual event attendance.
Weiser is partnering with Aurora-based Civica Associations, Conferences & Exhibitions, an association management company that focuses on streamlining operations and helping clients better utilize technology to advance efficiencies—and their missions. “Association management companies know the nuts and bolts of running associations,” says Don Knox, Managing Director of Civica. “Partnering with Nora gives us the chance to put real focus on GCA’s mission and vision at the Board level, and see how that informs Civica’s ability to deliver improved service to the association and its members.”
George White, President and COO of Up With Paper and current GCA president, is excited about making this move as GCA gears up to head into its 80th year in 2021. “All industries have been impacted by the current pandemic,” said White, “and it has given us a chance to re-evaluate how we do things, why we do things, and most importantly how our organisation, and the industry we serve, are changing. As a creative industry, we are excited to partner with a creative leader and a creative management company to help us change, grow, and evolve, with the goal of shaping an association that is responsive, supportive, inclusive, and forward-looking for our members.”
In addition to its mission to educate, promote, represent, and celebrate the greeting card industry, GCA’s move to new management coincides with renewed efforts to strengthen the finances of the United States Postal Service. More than 60% of greeting cards sent in the U.S. are delivered by USPS, and GCA advocates tirelessly on behalf of its members, and the citizen mailer, to maintain affordable, timely mail delivery six days a week.

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