Senior retail industry figures lead retailTRUST virtual event to champion the health of retail

Tracey Clements
Tracey Clements

Leaders from the UK retail industry will host the first ever online event, created by retailTRUST. Boots COO Tracey Clements, Dixons Carphone Chief People Officer Paula Coughlan, former Asda CEO Andy Clarke and ASOS non-exec director Rita Clifton CBE are among the impressive line-up of senior retailers speaking at the For the four virtual event from October 19-21.

The industry charity is launching an exclusive week of content free of charge to build on their mission to provide support for every individual whenever they need it. The three-day programme of content is designed to equip workers, colleagues and employers with the skills to manage their emotional, physical, vocational and financial wellbeing during these uncertain times.

Paul Martin
Paul Martin

retailTRUST CEO Chris Brook-Carter and Chief Medical Advisor Dr Adrian Massey will lead sessions in a diverse programme that is free to join. The sessions are structured to provide information and guidance on the themes of how to ‘lead the industry’, ‘lead teams’ and ‘lead themselves’.

Leading the industry

On Monday October 19, Paul Martin, Global Retail Lead and UK Head of Retail, KPMG will join Chris Brook-Carter, Chief Executive, retailTRUST in a session ‘Economics and people – the shape of retail in a post-COVID world’. Paul will dissect the impact of COVID-19 on retail and explore the long-term impact of the crisis, and the implications for the sector.

Chris Brook Carter
Chris Brook Carter

Dr Adrian Massey, retailTRUST Chief Medical Advisor, will provide a medical professional’s perspective on how businesses should care for the health of their teams.

Andy Clarke, former Chief Executive of Asda and Chairman of Newton will discuss his unique perspective of people, purpose and profits.

Leading teams

On the second day of the virtual event, Hannah Meium Harman, Creative Programme Manager Europe, Pinterest will lead ‘The power of positivity’ session on how trends shaping the way we think, work and consume can bring hope and purpose to customers and colleagues.

Dr Adrian Massey
Dr Adrian Massey

Paula Coughlan, Chief People Officer, Dixons Carphone, Paul Szumilewicz, Global Head of Agile, Global Marketing, HSBC and Tracey Clements, Chief Operating Officer, Boots UK and Republic of Ireland will participate in the panel discussion on leading teams in a new world.

Rita Clifton CBE, Portfolio Chair and Non-Executive Director will present ‘The new world of leadership’ encompassing how the business world needs a new type of leadership to be truly effective.

Leading yourself

On the final day of the event, Alex Partridge, Wellbeing Ambassador and Partnership Director, Wagestream and Erik Porter, Founder and CEO of Cheddr will host a financial wellness workshop on financial resilience and mental wellbeing: the inextricable link. This will explain how financial wellness is a core pillar of mental health and what are the tools required to take control of the new economic challenges.

Resident psychologist, Andrea Woodside, Training Lead, retailTRUST will lead the mental health workshop – the new tools for resilience on emotional wellness and staying focused and optimistic.  

A physical health workshop – ‘You are what you eat’ will be hosted Matt Lock and Gavin Eivers, Co-founders of Outliers Wellbeing. This practical guide to the power of food and its influence on performance and happiness will teach how to influence how you look, feel, think, behave and perform through nutrition.

Tim Robson, Managing Director, NSU Media will host the final session, a ‘Vocational health workshop’ on how to navigate the new world of work with the best version of you. Sign up to the For the four virtual event for free at

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