ExaClair has launched a new ink that was chosen by fans.

ExaClair, the UK supplier of ink and calligraphy brand, Herbin, has launched the new Jacques Herbin ink, Vert Atlantide.

The limited-edition ink was chosen by Herbin fans as a part of the 350th anniversary celebrations. The colour was voted as the favourite choice from four options, to celebrate the brand’s Parisian heritage dating back to 1670.

Honouring navigator Jacques Herbin, the ink evokes the lush green colours of Atlantis with undertones of ocean depths. The dark, intense colour is illuminated with silver and gold glitter, which provides a sparkle.

Lawrence Savage, Marketing Manager at ExaClair said, “This ink is particularly special for Herbin fans, as it was both made for and chosen by them as a celebration of the brand. It is suitable for both writing and drawing, and the unique depth of colour of the ink allows users to immerse themselves in creativity.”

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