Rumit Shah from Cards Galore has created a petition to the government questioning the definition of Non-Essential Retail.

A petition created by Rumit Shah from retailer Cards Galore is gaining traction as it aims to reach the required numbers to be get a response. The petition questions the definition of ‘non-essential’ retail and will get a response from the government if it reaches 10,000 signatures and will be considered for debate in parliament if it hits 100,000.

The petition states that the current definition of ‘non-essential’ is superficial and not all-encompassing and that by closing retailers such as card shops, clothes and music stores it is impacting livelihoods, communities and morale. The lockdown is also creating unfair competition as the trade to smaller businesses is absorbed by larger supermarkets and online retailers.

At present no evidence has been provided that non-essential retail has contributed to the spread of the pandemic the petition hopes these stores could reopen as long as they have taken all the necessary Covid secure measures.

This petition is another way various members of the card industry are questioning the government’s current position regarding lockdown and retail after the GCA sent a letter to the Business Secretary and members have been encouraged to contact their MPs.

The petition can be accessed here

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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