Festive Friday Goes International

The US GCA is following the UK lead and introducing Festive Friday to encourage card sending.

Festive Friday will be on November 27 and US GCA is joining in on the celebration and encouraging people to send their holiday cards.

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“On the last Friday of November, let’s kick off the holiday card-sending season early with Festive Friday – a safe, at-home activity that activates card sending to create a wave of festive cheer across the country,” says GCA Executive Director, Nora Weiser. 

Greeting card publishers, artists, writers, models, suppliers, and retailers have a special role in celebrating Christmas, which is the #1 card-sending holiday.  The Greeting Card Association encourages people to create virtual card-writing parties and to share photos on social media using #FestiveFriday and #sendacarddeliverasmile.

In addition, the Greeting Card Association is encouraging card publishers to donate Christmas cards to a good cause. Local schools, retirement homes, hospital wards for elderly people or children, community centres or church groups may be in a position to distribute free cards to those unable to shop retail during the pandemic.  

In the UK, the GCA is encouraging people to get involved and has a range of posters, social media images and banners and lots of tips and ideas to send cards despite lockdown. Visit www.gca.cards/festive-friday-2020/ for inspiration and ideas on how families, businesses and communities can still participate.

Deadlines for sending holiday cards and gifts in America for Hanukkah (Dec. 10–18), Christmas (Dec. 25), Kwanzaa (Dec. 26–Jan. 1) or other holiday traditions come later in December and are available from the USPS. Post deadlines in the UK and for international delivery can be found at on the Royal Mail website at www.royalmail.com/christmas/last-posting-dates#lastpostingdates

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