Meet Natasha Newbury and her botanical characters, The Budpods.

Combining all her passions for fine art, design and botany, Natasha Newbury has created a botanical card range with a modern twist. By composing designs with the flowers, seed pods and buds of various plants she has created enchanting botanical people which she has called The Budpods.

The designs originate from Natasha’s original art work and are inspired by a famous Bauhaus designer which adds an element of quirkiness to them. There are 12 designs at present, each of which has a distinct character and style so there’s always at least a few cards that people are drawn to because of the colours or a personality which they conjure up in their minds which may remind them of someone close to them. 

“I call them nature’s guardians, as in my mind they are caretakers of the earth, guiding us to protect all livings things,” said Natasha.

The back of the card lists the plant species that make up the character so they are educational as well as beautiful to look at. Printed on heavy weight, high quality board they are also perfect for framing.

Natasha is a chartered Landscape Architect by profession but with the success of The Budpods to date she sees this as her future now. “Garden centres and florists can’t resist them and are re-ordering in my first year so I am looking to take this up full time,” she added. Expect to see a growing card range!

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