Hand-finished Positivity

Cinnamon Aitch launch the new hand-finished Amelia range designed by Emily Hauck.  

Cinnamon Aitch is stepping into 2021 with a positive outlook with the launch of a brand new, hand-finished card range ‘Amelia’ designed by Emily Hauck. Featuring a light, spring palette, this sensitively illustrated range is punctuated with positivity. It focuses on the female send and includes rainbow cakes, bubbles, balloons, picnics and the great outdoors as nature is celebrated alongside the welcoming in of warmer days which are just around the corner.

The team at Cinnamon Aitch are continuing to aid their customers by providing product images for retailers to use on their websites to assist with online sales while many shops are closed. The folder is regularly updated with new designs and are all web ready.

For more information or to see lots of other gorgeous cards and gifts visit www.cinnamonaitch.co.uk.  Alternatively contact the team at hello@cinnamonaitch.co.uk  or on 0121 773 6833 if you would like to see a catalogue or a socially distanced agent.

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