Pentagram has designed a new brand identity for the global paper company Fedrigoni.

Established in Italy in 1888, Fedrigoni has a long tradition and relationship with creativity and design at the highest level. Best known for its fine paper, its products are loved by the design industry and used widely for everything from printing, publishing, labels, bookbinding and packaging. 

Pentagram’s design team was asked to create a global identity for Fedrigoni, rationalising its current sub-brands (including recently acquired brands such as Ritrama) and creating a new identity for the self-adhesives division.

Pentagram worked with strategist Federico Gaggio to align Fedrigoni’s brand architecture, which now encompasses the main Fedrigoni Group brand, its Paper (including B2B and B2C brands) and Self-Adhesive Units, and Distribution. While certain sub-brands (such as the much-loved Fabriano brand) retain their original identity, the brands which form part of the self-adhesives division share the same design language as the main Fedrigoni brand.

Simon Pilkington, UK Director at Fedrigoni, commented:“Fedrigoni has always worked alongside people with innovative ideas for paper and self-adhesive materials, and elevating creative excellence is our primary mission. Our ladder icon, a symbol of the city of Verona, represents our dedication to helping creatives across the world maximise and elevate their work. Retaining this important symbol, we tasked Pentagram with building a unified global image for the Fedrigoni Group, and creating a distinctive and recognisable brand for UK and international audiences alike.”

The new brand identity is designed to work seamlessly across a wide range of applications, from social icons and business cards to building signage and the lorries which transport the paper to customers around the world.

Harry Pearce, Partner at Pentagram, commented: “Fedrigoni has always embodied quality, craftsmanship and creative excellence. We created this striking new identity to reaffirm the paper company’s global presence and its commitment to design and creativity, referencing its rich Italian heritage while looking firmly to the future.”

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