Therese Oertenblad and Alex Ryan join the Giftware Association National Committee.

The Giftware Association has welcomed two new members to its national Committee ranks, Alex Ryan and Therese Oertenblad. Both members are from within the home and gift industry and will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that will be extremely valued by The GA and upcoming projects.

Alex Ryan has been the voice of the GA’s podcast series ‘The Prodcast’ as well the face of the GOTY awards. He previously worked at Paladone and set up his own marketing consultancy – Marketing 101. His experience with being a former business member as well as his experience in the marketing world will provide a unique insight into the customer journey and enable the GA to learn from his skills to apply to upcoming projects.

Therese Oertenblad was a former supplier members NPW and has her own small business consultancy – The Small Business Collaborative, where she guides and coaches small to micro businesses into the world of giftware with support through one-to-one training and podcasts.

Chris Workman from The Giftware Association said, “We are super excited to welcome two new members to our National Committee and keen members with skills that will allow us to diversify and futureproof the GA. The knowledge that Alex and Therese will bring to the table will be invaluable to future projects as well as a great sounding board.”

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