Sweet Scented Stationery

Two in 1 Direct to offer a new licensed collection of scented stationery and crafts from Kangaru Toys.

Kangaru Toys, the company that produces scented stationery and craft products, as well as toys, has confirmed a series of new licensing deals with top food and confectionary brands. These partnerships will offer retailers a new licensed collection of scented stationery and craft supplies.

Kangaru has already signed a series of deals in North America for some of the most iconic food and confectionary brands, including Chupa Chups, Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s, Mentos and Kelloggs’s cereals. These instantly recognisable licences tap into the popular food licensing trend. Key characteristics of each licence – including the shapes, scents and colours – will bring this sweet treat of a collection to life!

Joe DiPalma, Kangaru’s founder and CEO, has spent the last year adopting a licensed strategy to this new product development to capitalise on top selling brands. Kangaru plans to expand the licensed products into the UK and Europe, South America and Asia over the next year.

This news comes following the recent announcement that Kangaru Toys had opened a UK office, managed by Two in 1 Direct’s Paul Fogarty. Two in 1 Direct offers an alternative supply model for UK retailers. The company’s direct supply model is based upon a domestic stock proposition, in order to remove risk for retailers and offer a straightforward option for companies looking to enter the UK market.

DiPalma and Fogarty have been working closely to offer this licensing segment to UK retailers.

Joe DiPalma said, “We have high hopes for this licensed stationery and craft line, and we’ve been working hard to better understand the opportunities within the UK market. Paul’s vast experience in the children’s entertainment business and toys, as well as his impressive ability to customise products and licensing for customers has been hugely valuable throughout this process.”  

Paul Fogarty added, “We’ve seen the foodie craze based on instantly recognisable brands hit the toy aisle in a number of categories and now we get to bring it to the stationery and craft aisle! We’re going to be working closely with our retail partners over the coming months to customise this line of products to suit our retailers’ unique needs. We’ll also be looking for new brands to bring on board, as we continue to expand the licensing programme here in the UK.”

For more information, please get in touch with Paul Fogarty at Paul@allin1products.com.

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