Riverside Greetings invest to grow greetings in convenience.

Riverside Greetings is making significant investments in its business including a relaunch of its brand as part of a series of initiatives designed to accelerate the growth of the greetings category in the convenience sector.

Riverside Greetings is embarking on new marketing activities designed to demonstrate to convenience retailers how important and profitable the greetings category can be. The new branding uses a less formal font and a raspberry pink background which communicates friendliness, care and approachability. The new brand is at the front and centre of point of sale, a brand-new fleet of company vehicles, new workwear, new stationery and a new website which has been launched this week.

Speaking about the developments Andrew Glen, Riverside’s MD said, “Over the last year we’ve delivered a number of ground-breaking initiatives which have made us leaner, quicker, more flexible, better informed and able to add significant value for convenience retailers. We’re using those attributes to drive our customer’s businesses forward. The relaunch enables us to market the value which we add for our customers in a more effective way and differentiate ourselves from the traditional offerings. We have the knowledge to make relatively small displays generate significant sales and profits and we’re sharing that knowledge with an ever-growing number of retailers. Our brand relaunch is the start of a new phase in the growth of our business and the businesses of the retailers we work with.”

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