Hundreds of exclusive brands to showcase their new collections at Autumn Fair in September.

With over 80% of the show sold out, Autumn Fair is proud to be chosen by so many exhibitors as their channel of choice for showcasing their collections in September. Hundreds of inspirational brands are showing exclusively at Autumn Fair from September 5-8 at NEC Birmingham including the first view of the Malini and Paul Moneypenny collaboration Moneypenny Interiors, as well as Puckator, Retreat Home, Coach House, Hill Interiors, Pacific Lifestyle, Keel Toys, Little Bird Told Me, Sifcon International, Sea Gems and Nour London.

Set to be the largest Gift and Fashion gathering in the whole of Europe, Jessica Dawnay, Event Director at Autumn Fair said, “We are extremely proud to be the only channel of choice for so many businesses as they return to face-to-face events. We operate with integrity, honouring our longstanding heritage as the bastion of UK retail. Our exhibitors know they can trust in our experience to deliver ‘the’ must-attend show this season as well as the importance of exhibiting to demonstrate their stability and strength in the market. The opportunity is now to act, we know retailers are diversifying their supply chains and are looking for new suppliers for existing stock items, but they are also time-poor and with our Safe & Secure messaging and trusted heritage will be opting for Autumn Fair as their sourcing destination.”

Other exclusive brands to look out for include PomPom Galore, Suzanna K, Light Style London, Vetivert & Co, Hawthorn Handmade, Chic Antique, Luxa, Twizler, Grange Street Company, Pura Silk, Berber Leather, The Ribbon Printing Company, Jewella, Mood Bears, Authentic Models, Genesis Fine Arts, Present Time, McGowan & Rutherford, Taylor’s (Scotland), Half Moon Bay, Balm of Gilead Skincare, and Walton & Co.

The Autumn Fair Exhibitor List is now live offering retailers the opportunity to search by company, brand, products, as well as by Made in Britain.

For brands thinking about showing at Autumn Fair an Exhibitor Workshop is available to watch on demand at The team provide an overview of Autumn Fair, talk through what to expect on site, how to get involved, and how to take full advantage of what is on offer.

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