In a world of junk mail, texts and chatbots,  Inkpact suggests the best way to communicate this Christmas is through good old-fashioned pen and paper.

Inkpact was founded six years ago ‘to bring thoughtful human interaction into communications’.

Last Christmas Inkpact recruited a collection of stay-at-home mums, actors, artists, recovering cancer patients and many more to send more than 100,000 letters on behalf of their clients.

This Christmas they have more than 800 (and counting), actively writing scribes based all over the UK and US helping to spread the love on behalf of their clients, who want to connect with their customers this Christmas.

In 2020, John Lewis sent almost 80,000 genuinely handwritten Christmas cards through Inkpact, wishing their customers a very Merry Christmas. Inkpact says that not only did this put a smile on thousands of people’s faces, it drove revenue and retention for John Lewis. This Christmas, Inkpact is lined up to spread the messages of even more brands. They are set to help multiple customers deliver campaigns of more than 100,000 notecards, helping them connect with their customers in a way, and at a scale, that has never been done before.

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