Celebrate independent retail with Just a Card - Indie Week

Celebrate independent shops, artists, makers and small businesses with Just A Card – Indie Week, which runs from 22-26 November 2021,

Now in its fifth year, Just A Card – Indie Week is dubbed as the ‘colourful, independent alternative to Black Friday’. The aim is to encourage people to support, value and buy from independents during the crucial Christmas retail period.

The British Independent Retailers Association (BIRA) is this year’s sponsor, who will be launching a new independent online marketplace called Neartoo, an accessible-to-all platform that looks to further BIRA’s support for the UK’s best independent retailers.

Just A Card – Indie Week encourages everyone to celebrate their own businesses as well as those they love, to showcase their communities and to tell their own stories both on and offline. The week will include the five-day Instagram challenge, which has previously featured across the BBC and beyond, and last year saw more than 55,000 people taking part.

Ideas for your Instagram posts include:

Monday – 10 facts about you.

Post an image, or reel of you wearing your Just A Card  pins with pride, be it in your shop, studio, workspace – wherever suits you. Introduce yourself, share what you do, have fun.

Tuesday – Just a Card

Get creative. Make an image inspired by the distinctive bird and leaf Just A Card logo and message. Say why sales are important to you, encourage people to shop independent. Remember to add the logo. Invite everyone to follow @justacard and be part of the community. If you’re stuck feel free to use one of the Just A Card images, credited to the artist of course.

Wednesday – Events, Shows, Online Platforms.

Post an image of your events, fairs, your shop’s late-night Christmas markets or shopping events. Share your studios etc – wherever people can find you. Tell the world!

Thursday – Celebrate all independents.

Today’s the day to spread the love. Shout from the rooftops about artists, makers, independent shops and small businesses you love.

Indie Friday – The independent creative alternative to Black Friday.

Today’s the day to promote your work like crazy. Post images of your work. Share your sales, special offers, your artwork, your fabulous shops and businesses.

Find more information about Just A Card – Indie Week at www.justacard.org

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