There’s a party theme to the Velvet range. With another 38 code 75 titles being released in Jonny Javelin’s most popular range, look for lots of balloons, cake, beer, presents and bubbles (age appropriate of course!) as well as more colour extra finishes, which customers seem to love. You’ll also find lots of relations and relation ages to add to the 18 that were released in October 2021, making a grand total of 56 new captions.

Hall 3 Stand N40-P41

Signature is a range that is going great guns and brings a younger feel to the portfolio. The company has introduced some bold relation captions this time, along with 12 open birthday titles.  According to Jonny Javelin, response so far has been amazing and there will be more relation titles and occasions rolling out in due course.

There are more ideas in the pipeline for Velvet – a large code 375 is on its way, which is the company’s first venture into stick-ons, extra large cards, and special folding inserts!

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