Meet shop dog Ralph

Ralph at Penny Black

Ralph works at Glasgow’s Penny Black greeting card shops. You can find out more about the stores in our big retail interview in the latest issue of Greetings Today.

Name: Ralph

Age: 3

Job title: Chief box sniffer

Shop: Penny Black

Favourite thing about being the ’shop’ dog: My favourite thing is that no one expects me to be there so I get all the cuddles – from strangers and staff alike. Some people even go out of their way to make an office stop when I’m around.

Where can you be found when in the shop? Pretending to be a draft excluder under Jo’s desk or at the office door anticipating a stranger.

Favourite treats? I’m partial to the occasional pig’s ear.

Favourite place for a walk: A good sniff around the Botanic Gardens across the road is perfect for half-eaten ice cream cones and chasing a squirrel.

Read our interview with Penny Black owner Jo Marwaha.

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