Meet Shop Dog Winston

shop dog Winston

Winston works at the mooch gifts & home shops in Worcestershire. Read more about how his humans set up shop after a holiday in Cornwall inspired them in the latest issue of Greetings Today.

Name:  Winston May

Breed : Dachshund

Age: 4

Job title: Managing director

Shop: mooch gifts & home, Bewdley and Stourport

Career history: I entered the retail trade at the very young age of 16 weeks so this is all I know, but within a short time I have progressed to the position where I find myself today.

Favourite thing about being the ’shop’ dog?

The best thing is I get to keep an eye on my dad all day as I would only cry if left at home all day. I enjoy meeting the many ‘moochers’ who come in the shops; lots of them ask for me by name. Since I appeared in many of the mooch LIVE Facebook shows during lockdown I have gathered quite a following of fans.

Where can you be found when in the shop?

I can normally be found behind the counter unless I have to sign for any deliveries when I normally rush around from behind the counter and say hello to the driver.

Favourite treats?

The only treats I will eat (apart from hooman food) are carrot and chicken sticks, they are delicious.

Favourite place for a walk?

As long as it’s dry, my favourite walk is around Trimpley Reservoir near Bewdley.

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