Meet shop dog Orberry Strawberry

Orberry at Cardies

Orberry is chief meeter and greeter at Cardies in Stevenage, Herts.

Name: Orberry Strawberry 

Age: 8

Breed: Labrador retriever 

Job title: Meeter and Greeter

Career history: Started as an apprentice meeter and greeter at the age of one, trained by chief meeter and greeter Jack Spratt. 

Graduating after several years training to currently chief meeter and greeter 

Will work for Bone Tokens (paper stuff that buys Bisquits) not fussy which Bisquits as Orberry is a typical Labrador who will eat anything

Occasional mishaps: Early training years, kept pinching the cuddly toys. But a good boy now only brings his own toys to show customers.

May occasionally bark too loud when talking to the Hooman.

May occasionally bounce too much or wag tail too much (due in some part to poor coordination) resulting in cards going flying. Mostly anything breakable is kept out of tail height. 

Favourite shop area: Orberry can be found in the comfiest dog bed right in the middle of the shop so you can’t miss him.

Favourite walk: along the High Street, the Avenue and out to fields in Forster country but ultimate walk along any beach 

Orberry loves to eat Bisquits, show everyone his favourite toys and have his picture taken. 

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