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The Greeting Card Association (GCA) has compiled a survey to gather industry feedback on Royal Mail, following concern over a number of issues.

The aim is to gather industry feedback to strengthen the greeting industry’s case for lobbying and PR activity. The GCA needs to demonstrate just how damaging these Royal Mail issues are for the industry. 

The issues include: 

  • Postal workers told to prioritise parcels over Letters delivery
  • Unresolved, ongoing postal workers strikes, which had a significant detrimental effect to Christmas 2022
  • Increase in postage costs – with a first-class stamp costing £1.10 and second-class 75p, from April 3 2023
  • Discussion of putting loss-making postal service into administration (March 27 2023)
  • Royal Mail proposals to move to a five-day-a-week ‘Letters’ delivery, dropping Saturdays (‘Letters’ includes cards and all social mail).

The survey has been shared with the Indie Retail Confederation, so other trade associations will also be commenting

GCA CEO Amanda Fergusson said: “Royal Mail issues are a major concern for our industry. The GCA continues to lobby and is working with a range of stakeholders to represent the greeting card industry. It strengthens our case as an industry if we have the information to demonstrate the impact of these Royal Mail issues on our industry.’’

To have your say, complete the questionnaire by May 19.

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