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Duggoons Greeting Cards makes its debut in Springboard Intro at PG Live. Based in S.E. London, Duggoons is (currently) a one-man band consisting of Peter Duggan (“That’s me!” shouts the sweaty guy lugging the amps and drum kit onto the stage).

Positive sales and feedback with both Etsy and Greenwich Market has finally convinced him, ok me, that it is high time I stopped selling directly to the customer and let the experts have a go.

How it started: Having long been in the habit of both painting and making short funny films, some close friends strongly suggested that I should consider becoming a cartoonist. They reasoned it would combine my love of hand-drawn imagery with comedy. This seemed outlandish – I had never drawn cartoons before – but in giving it a go I realised it took far less time than making a film, and for much the same comic payoff. I also stumbled upon the fact that the history of art was an untouched goldmine of comic potential.

I drew five, sent them out into the world and to my delight and dawning terror I was offered a weekly strip in The Guardian online (Peter Duggan’s Artoons). During this three-and-a-half-year period of publicly honing previously non-existent cartooning skills, one of my cartoons, on the subject of contrapposto, went viral. “What if I earned 1p every time this was shared?” That thought was my entry into the business of greeting cards.

This was another welcome shift in mindset. I started thinking seriously about what makes a great greeting card. My Birthday and Christmas ranges are very popular and now sell a lot more than my Artoons.


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