GCA Caring at Christmas

The Greeting Card Association’s Caring at Christmas campaign is encouraging members to bring the joy of Christmas card sending and receiving to care homes.

The idea began with Matt Genower, MD at Five Dollar Shake, who organised sessions at local care homes last year. The idea is to team up with a home in your area and encourage them to have a card writing and sending session planned into their weekly activity schedule.

You can take in a selection of cards – and pens! – and get everyone busy writing, then arrange for them to be franked or posted. 

Matt said: “Ultimately the initiative is about two things; firstly, showing the good that Christmas card writing does, and secondly, it’s genuinely a really lovely & rewarding activity to be a part of. Our two visits last year had a really positive impact. Our goal is to spread this right across the country, in as many care homes as possible – There is such an opportunity to spread the good that our industry can do.’’

Postal strikes last year meant many missed out on connecting with friends and family, but this year, there won’t be any strikes, so this campaign aims to start a wave of card sending across the UK, encouraging everyone to post early and share the joy of Christmas cards.

Find out more at www.gca.cards/caring-at-christmas.

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