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Alljoy Design is delighted to be exhibiting at Autumn Fair, and hopes to mesmerise you with the new collections of Paper Theatre and Little Adventures greeting cards, both nominated for the Henries 2023.

The cards offer a unique and enchanting experience, designed and produced in Ireland; from the award-winning Message in a Bottle pop-up cards, with new autumn-themed designs, to the Miniature World 3D pop-up cards featuring bright and bold ages from 18 to 80, and the beautiful laser-cut everyday cards.

In addition, Alljoy will be exhibiting its Christmas collections, from the snow-covered Message in a Bottle range to the classical 3D pop-up range and lots more. The magic of Christmas is clear in these cards, which offer not only a beautiful greeting card but a gift that will leave a lasting impression.

The new Paper Theatre cards, available as everyday and Christmas, really highlight the ingenuity of the design team, bringing to life the enchanting stories within every card, and allowing the recipient to create their own story with the two moveable characters within the pre-designed theatre setting. Perfect for kids from eight to 88!

Also on show will be the fabulous Lightboxes, available as everyday or Christmas themed. These literally light up every shop and home.
Visit Alljoy Design at Autumn Fair and let the cards inspire you to share meaningful moments and create lasting memories through the art of beautifully crafted greetings. |

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