Early Bird at Spring Fair

Earlybird Designs brings three new introductions to visitors to Spring Fair…

Hall 3, Stand Q35

Embark on a journey of artistic elegance with Earlybird’s latest collection, which made its grand debut at Top Drawer and will appear at Spring Fair. Earlybird’s collaboration with the talented artist Nadia Taylor flourishes once again, unveiling six captivating new cards and two enchanting gift wraps to elevate her renowned collection.

Creative director Dom Early reflects on the partnership, stating: ‘’Having been part of Nadia’s creative journey from her first freelance gig, we take immense pride in the longevity of our collaboration. The addition of six new animal designs and two stunning gift wraps is a testament to the continued brilliance of her work.’’

Her work is a menagerie of artistic wonders – from charming pink octopi to the industrious buzz of bees, to the beautiful colour palette of the dragonflies. Each piece is a celebration of Nadia’s distinctive style, breathing new life into the beloved art range.
Printed on 100% recycled board textured board paired with a craft fleck envelope.

Also unveiled at the show is the expansion of Earlybird’s Buddy and Betty collection, with six delightful new card designs that promise to captivate hearts and spread joy.

Immerse yourself in a world where adorable Funky Monkeys swing from branches, dapper dogs steal the spotlight, and capybaras exude their irresistible charm. Artist Emma Jayne Designs brings her signature touch to each creation, ensuring a perfect blend of artistry and kitsch quirkiness.

The Buddy and Betty range also now includes delightful thank you packs and is complemented by stunning gift wrap featuring the collection’s vibrant designs.

Earlybird is also embracing sustainability and is printing the collection on 100% recycled textured board.
Designer and co-founder, Dom Early, shares his excitement about the collaboration: ‘’Emma is always doing new designs, making it very easy to add fresh and exciting elements to this range. Thank you packs and wrap were always going to be a good idea. Also, we’re now
printing on recycled textured board, and the results are great.’’


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