Louise Mulgrew rewilds with Rewilding Britain

Louise Mulgrew

Card publisher Louise Mulgrew has extended its commitment to supporting the planet with a pledge to donate a percentage of its profits to an organisation whose mission is to achive the large-scale restoration of nature across Britain.

Louise told Greetings Today: ”As a paper-based business creating artwork inspired by our planet’s beautiful and diverse wildlife, we want to be a part of protecting and reviving it! Over the past four years, we are really proud to have funded the planting of 500,000 trees together with our customers, through our pledge of ‘1 tree per 2 packs of cards’ with Eden Reforestation Projects. But we’re learning that there is a wilder approach to helping our planet: rewilding.

”Rewilding is the large-scale restoration of nature until it can take care of itself – and us – again. It’s about restoring nature’s remarkable web of life, including habitats, natural processes and and the diversity and abundance of native species. According to Rewilding Britian, by rewilding 30% of Britain’s native woodland, peatlands, heaths and grasslands, we can capture 12% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

”So our pledge is, in addition to the 1% we donate to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and the restoration work we fund with Eden Reforestation Projects, we now donate 1% of our turnover to Rewildling Britain, to create a wilder Britain that improves lives for people, nature and the climate.

”So when our customers buy our cards, they can feel proud knowing they are a part of the good fight to tackle the climate crisis and bring nature back to life.’’


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